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Do You Want to Kick Start Your Weight Loss in only 7 Days ?
My 7 Day Body Blast will do just that Guaranteed!
Boost Your Bodies Metabolism, And Turn It into a Fat Burning & Detoxifying Power House in only 7 Days
You are going to love the dining flowchart!  It will prove to be a very useful tool when out on the town and trying not to fall back into bad habits while eating out.  Since you are obviously serious about weight loss, nutrition and fitness - you will love the 7 day body blast program!  
This program is designed for WOMEN of all walks of life and if you follow the nutrition and fitness plan that I have laid out you will burn fat in only 7 days!  If you put in the work you will see the results Guaranteed.  Hope this helps you on your journey to a healthy and happy life!


Gina Aliotti
What can I expect with the 7 Day Body Blast?
  • My Personal tips on how to prepare yourself for short and long term success
  • 7 Pointers for success beyond the 7 days
  • 7 G-Fit Tips that WORK
  • 7 Super foods to BLAST Fat and Keep it Off
  • 7 Kitchen Essentials to make your life and food prep EASY
  • 7 Day Body Blast Grocery List
  • The 7 Day Body Blast Meal Plan
  • The 7 Day Body Blast Circuit Workouts (with photos)
  • The 7 Day Body Blast Recommended Supplements to BLAST Fat
  • The 7 Day Body Blast Cardio Fat Burning Program
  • 7 Oil Free Salad Dressing Recipes
  • My other signature simple recipes to keep the plan Fun and YUMMY!
Testimonials for The 7 Day Body Blast System
I’m so happy with the results of your program… 7 amazing days!!!! I lost 4.4 pounds and 1.4% body fat and increase 0.9% muscle. What a perfect detox program to kick start your Ultimate Accelerated Plan or US365 or for those who just need to lose a few pounds… I just have to say that you are THE BEST!!!!!  Loved it!       

~ Yuliana Gomez

I LOVED Gina’s 7 Day Body Burn Plan. I was feeling stuck and in a rut and this was just what I needed. When I started the plan, I immediately felt my mojo come back. I LOVED the structure of the meals and yummy recipes!  Within days, I felt more energy and overall sense of confidence. I started seeing by belly bloat go down, within days. I lost a total of 2.7 pounds in 7 days. I LOVED the plan! It was a perfect way to kick start my goals and get me back in the zone!

~ Michelle James

The 7 day Body Blast was a great jump start for me.  I was in a bit of a rut and needed a little kick in the pants to get ready for a bathing suit wearing vacation.  The plan did the trick.  It was extremely easy to follow.  Unlike Gina’s other plans where there is more flexibility, this plan is meant to be followed tighter- which sounds rigid but I really liked it! It was nice to have all the thought taken out of it.  I just followed the plan and it even had the recipes right on the plan- literally no thinking required- which I appreciated.  I lost a couple of pounds, shed some excess water, and generally felt detoxified!  A great way to kick off some healthy lifestyle plans and re-invigorate me !  Loved it completely.

~ Tracy Rogers

Doing the 7 Day Body Blast and am in LOVE. I LOVE the recipes, especially the Cilantro Lime Turkey Burgers. I wanted to eat them all, seriously! If you haven’t tried this plan or this recipe, I highly recommend it. SUPER easy to follow too! Loved it!! Thank you Gina!

~ Andrea Nicole

When Gina came out with her 7 Day Body Blast, I had to try it! I loved it just like all her other plans. Extremely easy to follow and all the meals are so flavorful. With the fun and yummy recipes and options, I never felt like I was being restricted.
The cilantro lime chili burger was my favorite and such a nice treat. I loved the plan! Thank you Gina!

~ Shari Brown

I started Gina’s 7 Day Body Blast at 201.4 pounds, cheated a few times (not going to lie) and still ended at 194 pounds. That is 7.4 pounds in ONLY 7 Days!! Thank you for your 7 day plan! It was just what I needed to to figure things out and get back on track!! Loved it!

~ Sheri Horn

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